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Date: 24th June 2016
Titanium Gate Valve
As one of the leading titanium gate valve manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory,Website:, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service.DescriptionTitanium gate valve have particularly outstanding corrosion resistance for many corrosive medium, the reason is that Titanium have good affinity with oxygen, it's easy to react with oxygen and then generate a firm and dense bluntoxidation film.Characteristics1, Titanium gate valve have impact structure, reasonable design, smooth flow port and small flow resistance coefficient. 2, Titanium gate valve used flexible graphite and PTFE as packing, with reliable sealing, makes the operation easy and flexible. 3, Titanium gate valve's operation : handle, electric actuator, bevel gear box4, Titanium gate valve's structure types divided into flexible single wedge gate,rigid single wedge gate and rigid double wedge gate.Technical SpecificationDesign standard : API 600,API 6DLength of face to face : ASME B16.10Flange end : ASME B16.5Inspection and Test : API598Titanium Gate Valve's Main MaterialBody &Bonnet :TA1,TA2,TA10,Gr2,Gr3Gate: TA1,TA2,TA10,Gr2,Gr3Stem :TA1,TA2,TA10,TC4,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5Pressure Grade: 150 class ~ 600 classSize Range : 1/2'' ( 15mm ) - 32'' ( 800mm )Temperature : -29? to +425 ?Application : oxidation corrosive medium
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