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Date: 23rd June 2016
Sandwich Type Check Valves
As one of the leading sandwich type check valves manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory,Website:, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Sandwich type check valves Description1. Sandwich type check valves is the shortest types among all the check valves, which is most suitable for the valve locations which have small spaces and spaces limitations. 2. The disc of sandwich swing check valves can be closed rapidly and it's water hammer pressure is small.3. Flow port of sandwich type single disc swing check valves is smooth, so the flow resistance force will be small.4. Impact structure, long longevity and reliable performance.5. The sandwich type swing check valves' function in the water pump water supply system is to prevent the water pump impellers from the impact force of high pressure water back-flow, because of some reason, if the water pump failed to work, at this time the pressure inside the pump will disappear, the high pressure water which connected with the water pump exit will flow back to the water pump. If there is a check valve installed on the exit of water pump, the check valve will close rapidly when the pump failed to work, then will prevent the high pressure water flow back to water pump.valves materials of constructionBody Materials: LCB,LCC,WCB, 304S.S., 316 S.S.Spring Materials: LCB,LCC,WCB, 304S.S., 316 S.S.Disc Materials: LCB / LCC / WCB + stellite, 304S.S., 316 S.S. Stem Material : 420 S.S., LF2, F6, F304, F316Operation : Manual Applicable standard Size Range: 2''~25''(DN50~DN500)Pressure: PN2.0 - PN11.0 Mpa, Class 150 - Class 600Standard : API 594 / API6D, ANSI, DIN, JIS End Connection: WaferOperate: AutomaticDimensions for referenceSizeABC(DN)PN10PN16BS10DBS10EANSI #1505030191081089797104654019128128110110123805219143143129129136100711916316316116117412593191931931931931961501141921921921821822120015728.527427427427227325019528.53293293353353393002303837938538538340935027044.54384444464464494003105148949619619651245036060.5538555559559545
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