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Date: 23rd June 2016
Cast Stainless Steel Globe Valves
As one of the leading cast stainless steel globe valves manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory,Website:, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Cast stainless steel globe valves Description1, Cast stainless steel globe valves was produced by all kinds of stainless steel material for it's body and trim, which was widely used for chemical engineering, ships, medicine and food machinery etc.2, Once the flanged stainless steel globe valve start to open, there won't be any contact for stainless steel globe valve's seat and disc, because their sealing surface's mechanical wear is small, because that the stainless steel globe valve's seat and disc is easy to be repaired, no need to dismantle the valve from the pipeline when replace the sealing element. This is applicable for the situation that the valve was welded on the pipeline instead of flanged.3, Globe valve's medium flow resistance is bigger than other valves.4, Under the action of medium force, the opening force of stainless steel globe valve is bigger than closing force,the flow direction of ductile iron globe valve should be from above to bellow, when open the stainless steel globe valve, the flow rate can be maximum if the disc's opening height be 25%-30% of the normal diameter, meanwhile the valve can reach the fully opened position, so the position of fully open is up to the disc's stroke.Valve materials of constructionBody Materials: 304/316/316L, duplex stainless steel Seat Materials: stainless steel + satellite or satellite. Disc Materials: stainless steel/duplex steel + satelliteStem Materials: F304,F316,F316L,duplex steel Bonnet material : 304/316/316L, duplex stainless steel Handle material : stainless steelApplicable standard Size Range: 2~12"(DN50 ~ DN300?Pressure: PN10, PN16,PN40,PN64, Class 150~Class 1500Standard : DIN, ANSI End Connection: Flange, Butt weldOperate: Manual, Worm gear, Pneumatic and Electric actuated.
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