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Date: 23rd June 2016
Cast Iron Swing Check Valves
Cast iron swing check valves Description 1. Cast iron swing check valves called as cast iron one-way valves or cast iron non-return valves,Website:, it was widely used for sewage water or water supply & drainage, pump etc, cast iron swing check valves can open or close automatically by the medium's flow direction and strength. Cast iron swing check valves' function on pipe is preventing the medium flow back.Component 1BodyCast Iron / ductile iron2SeatBrass/Bronze/Stainless steel3DiscCast Iron / ductile iron4HangerCast Iron / ductile iron5PinStainless steel6BonnetCast Iron / ductile ironApplicable standard 1Face to face according to MSS-SP-71, DIN 3202-F6,BS5153/4090,JIS10K2Flange drill according to ANSI B16.1 / 16.5, DIN2531/2532/2533/EN1092, BS4504 Table E/ BS10 Table E, JIS B22123Normal pressure : PN6/10/16, ANSI 125/150, JIS10K.Test ?Working pressure125 Psi ?/ PN10150 Psi / PN16Shell pressure1.5 Mpa2.4 MpaSeat pressure1.1 Mpa1.76 MpaDimension for class 125/150 for reference DN405065100125150200250300A(length)165203216292330356495622698G(height)127130135186197235286305352C( flange OD)127152178229254279343406483
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