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Date: 24th June 2016
Bronze Swing Check Valves
As one of the leading bronze swing check valves manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory,Website:, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Bronze swing check valves ?1. Bronze flanged swing check valves adopted in-built arm swing structure, all the open and close part of the check valve are internal of the valve body, won't penetrate the valve body, except the sealing gasket and sealing ring of the middle flange, there is no outleakage places, adopted spherical connection structure for bronze swing check valves' arm and disc, which enable the disc have certain freedom within 360 degree scope, there is appropriate position compensation. ?2. Bronze swing check valve is the best choise for subsea or offshore pipelines and facilities,which have extended life. ?3. Bronze lift type check valve with flanged end is available. ?Specifications ?1.Pressure range : 150LB,200LB, 300LB ?2.Suitable medium : seawater, oil, liquefied gas, sewage water ?3.Temperature : < ?120 ? for water, < 220 ? for oil, gas & steam. ?4. End connection and standard: flanged according to ANSI,DINMain dimensions ? Unit : mm Size (DN)BoreAB2525.41271084038.11651275050.8203152.56563.52161758076.2241190100101.6292229125127330254150152.4356279200203.2495343250254622406300304.8698483350336.5787533400387.5864597450438.29786355004839786996005841295915
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