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Date: 23rd June 2016
Basket Type Strainers
As one of the leading basket type strainers,Website:, basket type filter, stainless steel basket strainers manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service. Basket type strainers Description1. Basket strainer has more higher technical requirements than other common strainers, which was widely used to filter high precision liquid.2. There are two types for basket strainer, one is the parallel type basket strainer, the inlet and outlet is on the same level, another type is that the inlet position is higher than outlet. 3. Usually the common stainless steel mesh hole diameter be ?3?6, requirements for mesh hole number is on request. 4. The filter hole area is 2 or 3 times of normal pipe diameter area, so the filter area is big, can filter the impurities quickly.5.Filter fineness is 4-40 mu, the fineness can be customize, the more higher the fineness is, the smaller the mesh hole will be .6. The filter basket is renewable, when basket strainer was used for a long time, the filter basket can be replaced, no need to buy a brand new basket strainer.Specifications 1: Body material : ductile iron, grey iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy2: screen (mesh) material : 304 S.S, 316 S.S, 316L, Alloy steel3: Ball valves on the connection : stainless steel4: Connection : flange 5: Flange size : ANSI B16.5 6: Pressure : Class 150 ~ Class 3007: Size range :1'' ~ 32''
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