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Date: 23rd June 2016
Alloy Steel Globe Valves
As one of the leading alloy steel globe valves manufacturers and suppliers in China and equipped with a productive factory,Website:, Shanghai Hugo Valve Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Alloy steel globe valves Description1.For alloy steel globe valves, the material we produced include titanium, hastelloy, monel, pure nickel etc.2.For some strong corrosive medium condition, have to use special alloy steel for the globe valves accordingly.Introduction for material1.Titanium material globe valve, it's easy to react with oxygen and then generate a firm and dense blunt oxidation film, this oxidation film is very stable and difficult to be dissolved among many serious corrosive medium, even it was damaged, it's easy to repair and generate new film as long as there is enough oxygen.2. Monel 400 globe valves are specially for hydrofluoric acid, which is a high strength single-phase solid solution and is the excellent corrosion resistance alloy especially for?hydrofluoric acid and hot strong alkali, meanwhile it have corrosion resistance for neutral solution, water,sea water,atmosphere, organic compounds, the most important character for monel 400 is that it won't generate stress corrosion cracking, machinability is fine. 3. There are several material series for hastelloy globe valves, such as Hastelloy C276, hastelloy C4, hastelloy B & C etc, especially the Hastelloy C276 be considered as almighty corrosion alloy, have resistance for wet chlorine, oxidizing chlorine, chlorate solution, sulfuric acid and oxidizing salt.Information for globe valves standardDesign standard : API 600,API 6DLength of face to face : ASME B16.10Flange end : ASME B16.5,DINInspection and Test : API598,API 6D Pressure Range: 150 class ~ 600 classSize scope : 1/2'' ( 15mm ) - 16'' ( 400mm )Temperature range : -29? to +425 ?Operation : handle wheel, gear box, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, hydraulic actuator.Material Range 1. Titanium :TA1,TA2,TA10,Gr2,Gr32. Monel : Monel 400, Monel K500, Monel 600, M-30C3. Hastelloy : Hastelloy B (N-17MV, N-7M), Hastelloy G30, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C (CW-12MW) 4. Nickel : N6, N201, N200, CZ-100, N02200, N02201?
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